A film by Brian Dilg

You can now watch Double Negative online for free, as well as the director's commentary and deleted scenes with with without commentary. You can even download the shooting script for further study.

For those of you who are filmmakers or interested in some of what went on behind the scenes of "Double Negative," here is the scoop on how the film came to be, what we hoped to achieve, and what the reality of making the film actually was (inasmuch as that can be conveyed in anything other than firsthand experience!). You can also download the shooting script.

For anyone curious about what happens between script and the final cut, here are the scenes that were shot as originally scripted - a significant chunk of the film that was ultimately cut. As in many cases, this was a difficult "kill your babies" decision, because while I loved the scenes in and of themselves, ultimately they were anticlimactic after what had already happened, and the action was no longer driven by Jamal's character. They represent a fundamental shift in my own understanding of whose story this really was - Jamal's, not Dottie's. For more in-depth analysis, have a listen to the director's commentary version of the deleted scenes.